What the hell is this?

infrequent.app is a service/app that helps you stay in touch with people. Too often in life, we forget to reach out to those we care about. Sometimes we are lazy, sometimes we forget, and sometimes, life just gets in the way. Infrequent is meant to help you solve just that.

How does it work?

Read about it here.

The concept is fairly simple: you want to stay in touch with person P every T period of time. If T has passed, and you haven't talked to P, you get a reminder. Currently, reminders go out every Friday. In your dashboard you can mark people as contacted. Optionally, feel free to add more details (e.g., LinkedIn profile, email, to every person).

Why do you need my email?

I don't really care about your email. This is just a way to make you login, without requiring a password. I don't want to store your email. So to login, you give me your email, I send you a magic link, and you login. Do you really need another password you will forget?

What about my data?

I don't sell your data to third parties. If you have any further issues, feel free to email me. (there's a button down there to the right.)

Who are you?

I'm Duarte

How the hell is this free?

Currently, it's free. I might add some minimal pricing in the future. The plan is to charge a small fee to unlock more contacts. Currently you are limited to 10 contacts.

Terms & Privacy policy

I don't sell your data. I only use plausible.io to track how users reach this website. I might use Stripe in the future for payment processing.

Other questions

Email me